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The Iconic Sho Asakawa

(Credits to the owner, couldn’t find the source)

First than anything, Happy New Year!  

This 2014, I will open this blog with an article about Sho Asakawa.
Who is he? You may wonder. He is a young, endearing, Japanese Multi-faceted artist. His facets range from being a fashion designer, vocalist, bassist, DJ to simply being an icon in all senses. He is, needless to say, an inspiring, very talented character.
Answering to everything he can on every social media existent (Mainly Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), with a very polite and easy-going attitude, I was able to cross a few words with him, and let him know that I would be working on an article regarding his works. Originally, I wanted to see if I could interview him, but now that he is more known all over the world, especially because of his bands, he is not allowed to answer to “unofficial” interviews. Even then, he seemed excited and offered his help if I had any questions. That is how nice and polite he is.
Most people would be fooled by his young features, but Sho is the mastermind behind all of his projects, quickly escalating to conquer the online world and the nightlife in Japan, with his brand and bands.
As seen on his appearance on MTV81, he is comfortable in his favorite place in the world, where most of his activities take place in: Harajuku. Here is a little documentary about him, which I’m sure you’d like to check out here. But his works have reached all over the world, with people from all over buying his merchandise and albums. Even if he wanted to (which clearly is not the case), this guy would not be able to pass unnoticed.
Take for instance, my reaction. The first time I laid eyes on Sho Asakawa, was a picture in a social media site. It was a simple picture of his face, but I instantly thought “Who is this?” and even though I do not like comparing people to one another, it sort of reminded me of another artist I deeply cherish: Ryutaro Arimura, Plastic Tree’s (Japanese band) singer. Sho is very different from him, but it was his haircut and dark makeup what reminded me of it. Needless to say, I needed to find out who he was, and here I am now, writing this article after a couple of months. He is just the type of person who easily catches your eye and curiosity.
(Credits to the owner, couldn’t find the source)
When you look at him, you’re almost instantly transported to the 70’s and 80’s, by his looks and also by his music. So, let’s take a deeper look into that.
His main musical project is a new wave band called PLASTICZOOMS. With very goth and edgy looks, this 5 members band is able to easily make you rock and sing along to their English lyrics. With a first listen, you might end up wondering “What is this?” because it is a different style of music, but it quickly grows into you, Sho’s vocals being the perfect last piece to the puzzle that matches the electronic features, heavy basslines and punk rock riffs their songs have. PLASTICZOOMS is a complex band, each song is different, some might be very punk-rock style, some others closer to ballads, some with a darker, more goth feel to them and so on. It is a universe I’d like to invite you all to explore.

Asakawa is not only a vocalist and composer; he also used to play bass in a band called lillies and remains. So, this guy can easily change from the microphone to another instrument. Some nights, he leaves aside the mic and the instruments too, to stand in front of a computer and mixer table, headphones tucked between his shoulder and ear, DJ-ing at different clubs in Harajuku. He is an integral artist.
                                                           (Credits to the owner)

One of the nicest things that I see in Sho, is his ability to merge the world of music and fashion together. Those are two worlds that have always been hand-in-hand, but he takes it to another level, not only designing the merchandise for PLASTICZOOMS, but also participating in showcases where his band members are the models that carry his designs and making collaborations with other brands to do the same.
That is why it is so easy to be hooked to his band and way of clothing, they are both well thought and at reach for people to admire and if possible, follow. He makes use of every channel to express his thoughts and show the world what he and his works have to give. It’s not hidden at all, it’s in the open for every prying eye. If you would only look at a picture of Sho, without knowing about his works, you would instantly think “this guy must be either a fashion designer, or a musician” well, he happens to be both and do great at both, too.
Style is very important to him, he loves spending time trying to find things that suit his style and tastes. He says, as quoted in an interview, that if he didn’t spend time refining himself, he wouldn’t feel like he is being honest and true to himself and it would keep him from sleeping at night. That’s how important style is to him. But then again, I think it is just as important to most of us fashion-friendly people nowadays. Who would like to dress as something we don’t like or feel that it enhances our identity? Fashion is an expression form.
He spends a fair amount of time on his looks; everything is deeply thought of and put together out of his own ideas. His haircut, his coordinate of the day, even his makeup is all his own handiwork. Oh his arms, he also has tattoos that represent his band and his brand, so all put together gives us a nice showcase of his very unique style and the things he is passionate about. 
(Credits to Sho Asakawa)

Left: PLASTICZOOMS logo. Right: VENUS ECCENTRIC logo (Credits to Sho Asakawa)

His accessories and jewelry brand is called VENUS ECCENTRIC, and you can purchase his designs through their online-shop, or, if you are in Harajuku, you can go to A Store Robot and do it physically.

All in all, Sho is a simple young man like any other, who likes to spend time at home, sleeping on his warm cozy bed, but he also is a visionary, and with his great ideas, hard work and more than anything, humble ways, I am certain he will get very far, if he wants to. He says there’s nothing else in the world he is interested in, he is living his dream, doing what he loves and that is all that matters. There really is nothing better in life than doing the things we like to do, especially if it’s work-related.
His future is bright and promising, he is very inspiring so I will continue to support him, and after this, I hope you do too.
Places where you can contact and follow Sho:
If you have checked any of his works after reading this, or have heard any of their songs, hit me up and tell me what designs or songs are your favorite and why.
Thank you Sho, for your time and help provided and thank you all for reading, have a good start of the year  .

VERSAILLES in CARACAS, Venezuela on 11/11/11

Well here I am now, to tell you about Versailles’ concert.
Where should I start?
My ticket was a VIP one, which included a meet and greet session, so I was pretty excited to go to the concert because of this. Why? because I actually like the members of the band more than I like the band itself. DON’T GET ME WRONG, I’m not saying I don’t like them, nor that I only like them because of their looks. It’s simply just that they are not my favorite band and I don’t like ALL of their songs, you know? I do think they are a good band and that is why i spent so much money to go see them live. Period.

So, I was pretty excited about this concert. It was the day after MIYAVI’s so i was pumped up and i was hoping for the best!

However, we got to the venue a bit later than we had originally planned (at 11 AM) and when we got there, there was people already waiting in line, we had 60 people before us. Which, was a bummer because I was really hoping we’d get to be in first row again (yes, I’m a first row fan, you can’t blame me for that xD it is just simply the best place to be!).  At this point, though, i pretty much knew I wouldn’t be able to achieve that, but the venue was a bit bigger than the one for MIYAVI’s concert so I was hoping we wouldn’t be left so far behind anyways.

I was worried, though, about the merchandise because like all japanese signing sessions, they supposedly would only sign original merch, which they would sell inside the venue, once we went through. I didn’t want to lose my spot in the crowd so this made me really worried.  Anyways, so we spent allll day in line (which is totally fine) but the people was so stupid, it’s just… rock fans in my country are so stupid, and these were not only rock fans but also OTAKUS… and well, sorry for all of the otakus out there, but in here they are so stupid, i don’t know where to begin with. So~ yeah, waiting in line wasn’t too fun, watching the stupid shit those kids said and did. Anyways, the sound check went on for hours, i think about 3 hours, which made me worried because the guys rehearsed up to 6 or 7 songs and i had never been to a concert where they’d rehearse that many songs before the concert. So, I think there was a problem with the sound, they seemed not to be satisfied with how it sounded, which was pretty sad in my opinion.

When we finally went through the gate, it was 6.30 PM and like they had said, there was a small merch table set for everyone to buy their things, so me and my friend got in the crowd first, to save our ‘spot’ and we actually were in 3rd or 4th row (which sucked, but well…) and we took turns to go buy our merch. There wasn’t anything original except for the lighting roses they bring and the guitar picks. I got me an individual members photo set for them to sign, the guitar/bass picks and a shirt (which was NOT original merch and it made me very pissed but well…). Then, we got back in our spot in the crowd and waited for the place to fill and all that jazz. The annoyance began from that moment and on, people were pushing so hard and everyone was so horribly stuck in that mass of people, it was so hot and people continued to push and push, i was very worried because I’m kinda used to that stuff by now and i’m not exactly tiny and fragile, but my friend~ well, she’s pretty damn small and not used to go to concerts, so i was thinking they were gonna kill her. I really tried to like.. stop people from strangling her between their bodies but.. i’m not THAT strong so =_= yeah, i could only do what i could~

When the concert actually began people went mad.. but like MAD i tell you, i have been to a few concerts by now and never had it been like this, I don’t know what the fuck was wrong with people but they were making us asphyxiate from how hard they were pushing/tugging and all kinds of things. It was so bad that we could only last in that mess of people through a song and a half, then I felt they were gonna simply kill my friend and I dragged her out of there. Like.. Versailles is not our favorite band, so it wasn’t worth to die in there, really. Everyone was like.. stuck together, so there was a huuuge space behind the crowd and on the sides of the stage, so we just hung out around those places, going from one place to the other to try to get a better look at the members and the concert itself. Needless to say, just like I had imagined at the beginning, the sound was AWFUL, it was saturated, and we couldn’t hear AT ALL Kamijo singing, like.. it was almost a VERSAILLES Instrumental concert. I’m not shitting you, it was that bad. *sigh* poor guys, it was their first time here.. and i bet they thought it was awful, at least.. the sound, cuz people still enjoyed it (cuz they are idiots, that didn’t realize what was going on with the sound).

At the end of the concert, Hizaki (the guitarist, with the dress) jumped on the crowd and guess what happened? someone stole/took his hair ornament from him and actually pulled some of his hair out as well. How… effing lame can that be? he also complained about it via twitter when the concert was over =/. The sound was awful AND to top it all, he got robbed. awesome, no?. Just plain awesome.

Well~ then, the signing session came and since we were near the part where it would take place in, we were first in line (finally something good!). We had made some dolls for them, here’s the pic:

and we were planning to give it to them at the signing session. My friend was going to give their present to Hizaki and Yuki and I would give it to Teru, Kamijo and Masashi. We found out, they were going to sign anything people wanted (SO, we like.. got original stuff that wasn’t strictly necessary~ how fun, isn’t it?) anyways, so I began to get very very nervous. Like.. even more nervous than what I was for VAMPS’ signing session (and we all know how MUCH i LOVE hyde). I was so incredibly nervous, almost hyperventilating, just thinking that i was going to be 3 seconds in front of Teru (he is my fave member from Versailles). So, when it was my turn, I was derping so much, i was SHAKING, i swear to you i was even sweating cold, I was so nervous I would drop the gifts, not give it to them, or something. Teru was the first on the table, so he was the first I faced. I was so nervous, i don’t know how i could speak. i forgot all the little japanese I know, and spoke to him in English (even though they suck at english). I remember when I walked up to him, I could only stare at his eyes, like.. they look so incredibly creepy yet cool with those weird contacts he wears. He stared intently back at me as he waved and said “Hola!!” (hello in spanish, duh). I was shaking so bad i couldn’t think straight. I remember i told him something like “Hiii~ Hola! (idiot me) hmmm.. can you… sign for me here?” *points at place where i wanted him to sign the picture* he looked at me in a funny way (he is just a funny guy and maybe he didn’t understand well what i said) but he said “Oh! okay!” and signed where i had told him (OMGZZZ <3) and then i told him “I.. brought a gift for you *shows him teru chibi doll in box* it is a cellphone charm” he actually looked at me and then at the present and he smiled a bit and said “Oooooh~!” he looked a bit surprised (maybe he was faking it, i dont care) and then he actually looked confused and asked “what?” before looking at the translator beside him. the girl translated the word ‘cellphone charm’ for him which seemed to be what he didn’t get and then he went again all “ohhh~!” and said “gracias!!” (thank you, in spanish duuuh). and then.. i just derped some more there, staring at him all *3* and still shaking before walking to Masashi. I couldn’t really say much to him, except once again that i had a gift for him, i was too nervous about having stood in front of Teru still. Masashi didnt seem that pashed about the chibi but he said thank you as well and took it, then i went to Kamijo who.. omg.. i just can’t deal with him, i’m sorry you all kamijo lovers out there but he is SO UGLY, honestly! in person he doesn’t look anything like he does in pictures o.o and he is.. so clumsy! anyways, he is quite charming, i’ll give him that. He was all charming with me *don’t remember what he said, he’s not important* but he was the one who looked more surprised about the chibi, he really seemed to like it (or he was faking it, i dont care) and well, that was cool. Then, i shook Yuki’s hand and then Hizaki’s. I HAVE TO SAY, that Hizaki’s handshake was the stronger, manlier one okay? like.. WOAH i totally wasn’t expecting it xDDD.

Well, then we just remained inside the venue, standing in front of the signing table and watching the guys. we would continue to call their names and wave at them like school girls. they would all wave back and smile, sometimes they even looked embarrased. it was so funny i swear!

And.. then the night was over.

So~ in conclussion, the concert was NOT what i expected, which really sucked.. but.. well, at least the signing session was good and fun, so i’m glad at least something came out right.
Don’t get me wrong. The reason why I think the concert wasn’t as good as it could have been, is because of the way in which people behaved, and the lack or real organization, NOT THE BAND. So, don’t say things that aren’t true. Thanks!

This has gotten a bit long, so i’ll just show you some pics now!

the autographs! (some of them you can’t see well, because they signed with a black sharpie~)

now random pics of the concert

MASASHI had a kitty paw ontop of his amp xD

and so.. uhh.. yeah, i guess that was it.
All in all, i am glad i went even if it kinda sucked, but it was just amazing to go to TWO JROCK concerts in my country.
Thank you for reading

MIYAVI’s concert in CARACAS, VENEZUELA on 10/11/11

You know I own a little online accesories store, right? where I make all kinds of cold porcelain things, but mostly chibis of people and J-rockers, right? I’ve showed you before.
Well~ because I am EXTREMELY LUCKY, me and my friend, who runs the store with me were able to get in contact with the producer who was bringing MIYAVI to our country, thanks to the girl who’s in charge of Press Management in the producer, who had EXTREMELY liked the Miyavi chibi we made sometime ago.
Thus, I don’t know how… but it happened, they told us to make 100 MIYAVI chibis for the first 100 people to arrive to the concert, as a gift given with the concert’s ticket. AMAZING, or what? I still can’t believe it. 
Point is, we accepted the challenge and made 100 MIYAVI chibis in a week and a half. CRAZY STUFF I TELL YOU!
Thanks to this, the logo of our little store, was featured in the flyer of the concert. Look at all the pics of the flyer + the process of making the chibis.

The store’s logo

The flyer of the concert! can you see our logo in there? ISN’T IT AMAZING?!

Our MIYAVI chibi version “WHAT’S MY NAME?” PV

The 100 chibis, getting dried!!

The chibis, packaged and ready to GO to their owners!

I know i’m just like… quickly telling you the story, and thus, maybe this makes me sound like an idiot. BUT, it was so amazing…~ when I had the idea of making this little store, never did I imagine that we’d get this far. Maybe it sounds silly to many of you out there, but… how many people gets the chance to be part of such an event, in such a way only because of making cold porcelain dolls? what were the chances someone from the producer was going to see the dolls? and not only that, like them bad enough to get us to do this? It is like a dream for me. Also, not only did we make the chibis, but they took our word into consideration a lot, because they didn’t know MIYAVI much, so they wanted to know things, ask for advice and they asked US. it’s so CRAZY!

Because of this, our hard work and dedication, the ‘big boss’ of the producer decided that we should give MIYAVI himself (and BOBO, the drummer) a gift. We were more than dumbfounded with this, but we did prepare a gift for them, actually a basket. We tried to think of what they liked. We got them Venezuelan snacks (things made in here) because we thought it’d be a nice detail and also, made a chibi for MIYAVI himself and one for BOBO.

The process of putting the MIYAVI(s) in their bags and preparing the gift:

This being said, we were able to GIVE the gift to MIYAVI in person, when we got to the concert’s venue. We talked to him a little bit and took a picture with him (which I will upload when I have it, like i said). He… is such a sweet guy, very timid as well. I KNOW you must be thinking “MIYAVI isn’t timid, what the fuck” but I swear to you, he REALLY is, he is very shy and… i’m sorry but he looks VERY KOREAN in person, he is TALL and his bone structure is thick. He is very handsome, though and so natural. It was such an amazing experience~

BOBO really liked his gift, he twitted us about it. Here, is the BOBO chibi, with the twitter screencap: we asked him if he had liked the gift and he said “Thanks! it is awesome!” awww <3

The concert was just amazing, even though a lot of people were pushing and the place was too small and hot, but, MIYAVI is a professional so he had to problem at all dealing with all of the small problems that came up, neither how crazy people were getting.

The place only fit 300 people, but MIYAVI didn’t seem to mind, he felt comfortable and played a long, very entertaining set that had many songs from his new album “WHAT’S MY NAME?”. He pumped us all to the very core and we had a BLAST!

He is a great entertainer and so is BOBO, so they made sure to give us an unforgettable night. I’m glad they came to our country. South America needs more concerts like these!

By the time we went back home, we were EXHAUSTED, yet still pumped! Well, here you have more pictures, enjoy!





RIZE/FADE’s concert in NEW YORK. 26/03/2012

I had the wonderful opportunity of going to FADE/RIZE’s concert at the studio at webster hall in NEW YORK, on March 26th. It was an amazing experience.

Both bands are incredibly talented and have a very strong, yet cool presence on stage. To be honest, before this concert I didn’t know about RIZE, only about FADE. But, I couldn’t have been happier to see RIZE and get to hear, feel, see how great they are too. Definitely, I will research more of them.

Me and my friends also had the opportunity to talk to and take pictures with both FADE and RIZE’s members. I have to say they are all very nice and have no problem at all with talking to you or explaining things. I’m really grateful for the way they so naturally and nicely took the time to hang out with us for a bit and even sign a couple of things.

They all seemed to really like the fact that we came from Venezuela, which made us feel warm inside. It’s amazing, if you think how they are all from Japan and we are from South America, yet we coincided in New York for the concert. It’s kind of magical.

It was an amazing experience. Fade played around 10 songs, and RIZE played 11. There wasn’t a moment in the concert that people weren’t singing along, jumping or dancing. Both bands knew how to work the crowd incredibly well, and I am very happy for people’s behavior, nobody was pushing, nobody got hurt and believe it or not, the place wasn’t hot, so nobody was suffocating either. It was what I’d like to call perfect, totally different to the concerts in here. i really hope next J-music concerts here are different. People in here need to learn from people outside and from concerts culture.

I seriously had never been to a concert of this kind, and I am not a newbie when it comes to concerts, so even though it is an everyday thing for most people that are reading this probably, the incredibly nice sound equipment, the location, the lack of problems and of course, the incredibly good organization were all new to me. We’ve had great bands performing here in Venezuela, but there are always many problems regarding the things that I just mentioned, so being able to finally assist to a concert where everything went smoothly, was like a blessing to me, since I am so much of a music lover.

Though I had a blast, I can’t help but feel sad, because I’d like it for my country to be a stop for both bands sometime in the future, so I guess I’ll work hard to promote them around here. Even though I knew FADE from before, seeing them live really made me see how talented they are for real and how normal and down to earth their members are, so, I want to do my all to help them spread their music down here in South America. Like I said before, i don’t know much about RIZE, but i’ll also do my best to get to know them better and promote them as well all over S.A. and specially my country.

To wrap this up, I’d like to say that Dorian (the girl in charge of it all) really did a wonderful job in this “east meets west” concert, gathering 2 independent artists and 2 bands to play: Hip Hop Gamer, Jr. Junior, Rize and Fade. It must not have been an easy thing and I forgot to mention that this was a charity event, to help raise funds for Japan’s Earthquake victims. So, we got to have a great time, meet great people and also, help others. I couldn’t ask for more.

Well, here you have some of the pictures that I took:

As you can see, I got to keep FADE’s setlist, which I ripped from the stage’s floor. Also, regarding RIZE, I got to keep Kenken’s (bassist) contact card, since I asked him about RIZE and knew nothing of them but was very interested to know, and a guitar pick from the vocalist/guitarist, Jesse.















RIZE article on Venezuelan magazine “Bravisimo”

On June, an issue of the Venezuelan pop culture magazine "BRAVISIMO" featured an interview and an article with RIZE. It was a 4 pages long and also was accompained by a small poster of the band.

So, here, we took the time to translate the article to english for you to be able to read it all over the world :)

First, take a look at the scans:


The Article says:
RIZE is a band from Japan. Their sound is a mix between alternative rock, hard rock, punk, rap and even reggae.
Their members: Jesse McFaddin/Guitar & Vocal, N.K/Drummer, KenKen/Bassist.
RIZE starts with Jesse and Nobuaki Kaneko (N.K), childhood friends. Before they got to the current band formation, they had many musicians, including Yellow Fried Chickenz actual bassist “U:zo”
When U:zo retired from the band, N.K’s brother, Kenken took his place. His presence on stage is powerful and capable to catch any audience thanks to his versatility.
KenKen is a first range bassist and his brother, Nobuaki is the only drummer in japan certified by the brand Pearl. On the other side, Jesse’s talent may come from his father, CHAR, who is a legendary guitarrist from Japan. 
The official formation, with the kaneko brothers and Jesse as their guitarrist and vocalist, is more than enough to create the sonic explosion that RIZE’s sound is.
Their song “ZERO” is the official theme for coca-cola zero in Asian commercials for TV. They have taken part of many important festivals and they shared stage in MTV JAPAN’s event  with Oasis and Jay-Z, also having surprised many people from many other countries at the global event “LIVE 8” where they got to share stage with big bands such as Linkin Park.
In 2008, they had the chance to perform in the big event “Hide Memorial Summit”, where they honored the great legendary guitarrist, Hide from X Japan. They did it using the best style that only RIZE has, covering “Pink Spider”, which had been launched as a single in 2006, the year when Kenken officially joined the band.
The trio of the kaneko brothers and jesse, really wants to go global without any fear.
The “East Meets West” is a charity concert that reunited artists from USA and Japan 
on the same stage, representing how music can unite different cultures, genres and countries. It took place on Monday, March 26th at the studio at webster hall in New York and the performers were: HipHop Gamer, Jr. Junior representing USA and representing Japan there were Fade and RIZE. It was an event with a diverse crowd, where everyone could share with the bands from up close. All of the benefits earned that night, where on behalf of Tohoku’s earthquake still affected areas from 2011.
1- Give us an introduction of RIZE. What can new fans expect from this band?
Influenced with the 90’s Alternative Rock with Funk. Nirvana, Chili Peppers, P-Funk 
2- What was the band’s vision when you started? Has it changed?
our vision was clear from the beginning, just wanted to form a band with NK and rock out. Time has passed through these years and now KenKen, NK’s younger brother has joined RIZE and its more than beautiful. 
3- How was your experience with the audience this last time you performed in America?
More than I expected! Felt like we were welcomed from the New Yorkers. It made us feel to come back soon.
4- What has been your most memorable performance so far?
Performing in events such as Live 8 and Live Earth. Also attending in Tibetan Freedom with the Beastie Boys were one of the best memory and yes we are highly proud to say something and perform in events to do good for this earth.
5- Do you each have some kind of ritual before going out on stage? What do you do?
not in particular, but we huddle up and prepare for the zen mode.
6- Do you have any impression from latin america and their people? Would you like to perform there?
I get the impression that latin america has a high energy. Which is perfect for RIZE! we will be there!!
7- What do you miss the most when you are on tour?
my daughter, wife and my precious dog.(Jesse)
my car (NK)
I miss my play station 3!(KenKen)
8- What is your strongest feature/what you are mostly proud of?
That we have been together for 16 years.
9- What roles do each of your personalities play in the band? 
NK=Zen master
KenKen=party animal
10- What animal do you relate to and why?
Arigato (Thanks)! RIZE
Hope you liked the article. This was all thanks to the RIZE venezuelan street team. If you wish to check out the ST’s page, please go to:
And, if you are interested about RIZE, you can also check the band’s official facebook page:



Pequeña y nueva tienda virtual (solo para venezuela).

Hermosas coronas y diseños florales que te encantará llevar!

visita la tienda en facebook:

Hermosos diseños!!!!!


Pequeña y nueva tienda virtual (solo para venezuela).

Hermosas coronas y diseños florales que te encantará llevar!

visita la tienda en facebook:

Hermosos diseños!!!!!


Today’s make up to go see Transformers with onemermaiddream

I really liked how it turned out.

Cute makeup tips, and cute face and cute personality—> bluetrashbin has it. Go follow!


How about this pastel!fem!Clear to go along with bluetrashbin ‘s pastel!Aoba ??

Random fun i had today.

First time wearing a flower crown, which I made myself btw.

I’m being such a sucker for pastel things lately~

Today’s nails!

Pastel popsicle colors!

Base color: #205 by Face

Tips colors: Jade 67 by Vogue, and 69 by Personi

sparkly coats: Brillo Corazón by Masglo, and Purple Glitter by Santee has Tumblr Themes, Twitter Backgrounds, Facebook Covers, Tumblr Music Player, Twitter Headers and Tumblr Follower Counter